Join Our Rewards Program

Loyalty members have an opportunity to earn money by referring EZLIDZ® to their friends and family. For each one unit sold, the member will receive $.50; FOR EACH BUNDLE SOLD, THE MEMBER WILL RECEIVE $.75.

To become a member simply purchase any EZLIDZ® product and complete the membership application below. Your member number will be sent to your email.

How it works: When you refer EZLIDZ®, give your member number and have the purchaser enter it during checkout under “referred by”. The order will be fulfilled and you will receive notification that an order was placed using your member number. You will be given the details of the purchase with respect to quantity and sizes.

NOTE: Website “sign in” saves your credit card information for faster checkout. It is not associated with the membership program.

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Funds will be dispersed on a quarterly basis at the end of each calendar quarter.  Disbursements totaling $600 and over will require the preparation of tax documents. At such time we will require your social security number to release funds and to be in compliance with the law.

Incentive plan: On an annual basis, the person with the most referrals/sales will receive an additional 10% of their total sale amount. You will be able to follow the Leader Board via our Newsletter accessible from our Website.

Length of program: Small Four Enterprises is the sole owner of this loyalty/member program and has the right to end it at any time; however, a thirty-day notice will be given at such time when the program is ending. All monies owed at this point will be remitted at the end of the calendar quarter.